Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Posted by Cathleen Gough

Meet Stephanie Ayala.  Stephanie is a woodworker, creating functional pieces from rough sawn wood as well as repurpose wood from used pieces of furniture. Visit Stephanie's Shop From Food to Wood.

How and why did you choose to work with your current medium?

I got into woodworking after doing a project for my niece. I had so much fun that I decided to start taking classes to learn more. Several pieces of equipment later and my car was kicked out of the garage to make room for my woodshop. 

What is your favorite/most inspirational creation?

My favorite creation so far is a desk that I built for my daughter. There is nothing too fancy about this desk but it comes with a lot of emotion for me. My daughter started kindergarten this year and did so virtually from home. In preparation for the start of school, I let her pick out the desk style, the type of wood as well as the finish. Seeing her sitting at the desk on her first day of school was quite a moment. I was able to say "I built that for her."

What is your goal as a maker?

My goal as a maker is to continue to have fun with it and hopefully bring joy to someone else's home. I started woodworking because it was fun and I enjoyed creating something with my hands. It still amazes me the beautiful things that can be created from a piece of wood.  


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