Getting Started

Getting Started

Posted by Cathleen Gough

Even as I write my first post for Frederick Maker Market, I am hesitating to get started. Where do I start? Put pen to paper as they say and go.

My passion as a maker is quilting. Sometimes I find fabric that I must buy. Other times, I find a pattern and I have to make it. But like many things in life making that first cut is not without hesitation. Is the pattern right? Are the fabrics going to go together the way I envision? Will the person who wraps themselves in the finish project feel the love that went into making them warm and cozy? And then I make the cut. No stopping now. I may have to use the seam ripper or square up some wonky pieces but I am going to put the quilt together. The quilt may be a weekend project. The quilt may be a continuous work that is waiting for the next snowday. The project may end up in the UFO (unfinished objects) bin. I may later reach into the bin and finish the project when I feel inspired, when I have time or when a loved one needs a gift. The quilt may be done, what is next?


As with my hopes and visions with quilting, I also had the same hesitations with beginning Frederick Maker Market. The idea and excitement was there but what about all the steps, processes and learning. All the what ifs rushing through my mind. How do we make this project successful? How do we let makers know that we want their businesses to be successful? We start, we read, we type, we click, and we learn. There may be "seam ripping" and "squaring up" along the way but we go forward.


So we get started. Every morning. We put our feet on the ground and get on with the task of the day. I make coffee, a to-do list and "MOMMY". Well I started but things will pause for a moment. Then I will start again.

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  • I love this. Getting started requires courage and determination. You have both. ♥️

    Patti Barnes

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